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RV Media 240V Double Pole Power Point with 12V USB Charging White

Colour: White

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Another First from Camec! Our new and improved Patented Double Pole USB Power Point Features dual USB charging points (powerful 3.2A max) that are powered from 12V so even if the RV is not connected to 240V mains power, USB devices can still be charged from the RVs 12V system!
Incorporated in the one package are 2 x 240V 10A switched outlets plus 2 x 5V USB charging points for smart phones and tablets etc with 1.6A max charging capacity per port. While the 240V outlets connect to the RVs 240V system, a separate 12V power input is provided for USB Charging.Provides a stylish and complete solution for charging USB devices inside the RV. Available in both white and silver face versions.
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  • Patented in Australia & New Zealand.
  • New reduced mounting depth of only 17.5mm
  • USB Charging: 5V 1.6A each USB port (3.2A total) for smart phones, tablets etc. USB charging requires connection to the RVs 12V system
  • BLUE LED USB operation indicator illuminates when the USB device is charging
  • Protected against lightning, over temperature, voltage and current


  • Fully tested and approved in accordance to: AS/NZS 60950.1:2015, AS/NZS 3112:2011+A1,A2, A3; AS/NZS 3133:3013+A1,A2 and AS/NZS 3100:2009+A1,A2,A3,A4 standards. Electrical Approval Number: EESS150413
  • Electrical rating: AC INPUT: 250V~, 10A; AC OUTPUT: 250V~ , 10A(MAX) DC INPUT: 12V , 1.45A (MAX); DC OUTPUT: 5V , 3.2A (TOTAL), 1.6A MAX per USB port




Neat product

Easy swap out for old pp, just needed to connect 12v supply, very neat can now easily charge accessories while off grid.